Song Lyrics

Hey, Runner!

Welcome, let me take you to your very own private room.
Whatever you need is on the way, from the absurd to the insane
Remember I’m a volunteer

I know your people have people, and I know this should make my day
There’s none with whom I’d rather spend my afternoon than with an ego that can fill a room
But still, still all I hear:

“You better run fast. Get it done even if it takes all night
I don’t know what else you’ve been told, but I’m above that
And if I change my mind it’ll be alright
It’s not like you’ve got somewhere to be

“Run fast. Don’t for get who I am, and I don’t ask twice
And while you’re at it would you mind to read mine
Cause I needed that last week, but take your time
It’s not like I’ve got somewhere to be”

Go, take a ride on your high horse
And don’t you wait to ask for more
I’ve got an eternity of time to abuse, never mind it’s all for you to use
I’m still just a volunteer


I’ve got somewhere to be (I’ll never get there)
And I’ll never get there while you’re stepping on me (stepping on me)
I’m caught beneath your vanity
So why do I keep running?


silence, a stranger

Silence is a stranger that I’ve never let inside
I hear him knocking, but I do not dare reply
God knows what he would say if I opened up my door
I’ll keep up this clamor so he can’t tell me the score.

Solitude’s an old friend from the other side of town
When he comes across the river I pretend I’m not around
HIs voice brings me comfort and his counsel’s always wise
But I can’t stand to face the disappointment in his eyes

Quiet, come another time
Isn’t on my side
I need to look alive

Suffering, my mother, she has loved me since my youth
Never have I wondered if her teaching wasn’t true
When she speaks, she whispers gently, never does she shout
Sometimes when I’m weary, it feels good to drown her out

Quiet, come another time
Isn’t on my side
Give me a reason why
I should let it lie
I need to look alive

Stillness is a woman I’m too cowardly to kiss
A hallowed thing too holy for my unclean lips
She told me she loved me, but I ran away and hid
I’m convinced she’d do the same if she saw beneath my skin

Quiet, I’m listening this time
I need you on my side
I’m out of reasons why
Can’t keep up this fight
I want to feel alive

Wander. Wonder.

Half awake, I wander through this house
Lost in a labyrinth, left with no way out
I built this house of mirrors all myself
The faces staring back at me look like somebody else

Searching every room, I am not free
To my dismay, I have forgotten how to leave
And everywhere I turn's another wall
The doors are locked trust me I know, 'cause I have tried them all

Good enough
Never good enough

Perfect, you're my poison
I sip on you to wash down the shame
And though I am hungover in the morning
Facedown in the carpet I feel safe

I am always wondering what you see
So I quietly conceal the dark inside of me
Sins and scars you'll never recognize
'Cause I am the master of maintaining my disguise

Good enough
Never good enough


I think you're overthinking about underachieving
And so you're sinking right down through the floor
The demons, they've been creeping in your head while sleeping
They're always keeping you from feeling more like yourself

Like yourself


The ballad of Donnie Gene

Donnie, you’re a fine young man
You’re hoping to take the hand
Of some sweet thing who understands what this world’s about
She’s careful, with a clever mind, impervious to pick up lines
Just slow down and give her time; I bet she’ll come around

Donnie, don’t give up on her; she won’t give up on you
She’s the kind of woman that only speaks the truth
She’ll give you blue eyed babies, and raise ‘em real good, too
Donnie, don’t give up on her; she won’t give up on you

Don, you’ve got yourself a wife; you only had to ask her twice
But rest assured, she’s on your side until you breathe your last
Together you will build a home, a legacy stronger than stone
You’ll work them fingers to the bone, but she will hold you fast


Donnie, you’re a grey, old man, but that sweet thing still holds your hand
She’s there to help you take a stand, now that standing’s hard
The girl stuck with you through it all, faithful in the rise and fall
Soon you’ll hear the master call, and away you will depart
You’ll leave her with a full and heavy heart


The Poet

She saw it everywhere, in everything, the rhyme, the rhythm
And she pulled it from the air and made it clear
Like the bones and stones she found, shaped into a point and purpose
And her pen the arrow, her hand the bow

She said, make sure you're looking where you step. You've a tendency not to notice
There's an arrowhead underneath each of our noses
If we get out of our own head and look around

We just might see the trees like she did. Her father's heart and might in the forest
And they spoke to her like a daughter, so she planted more


The world's meant for our eyes
And our eyes are meant for wonder
To see it in all, the rhyme, the rhythm
Ready to write are we, the poet



The wind like my mother she called my name
A whisper heard over the cars the cries and the clamor
The lake like a mirror it looked back at me
Reflecting no fear, no fault, finding not one, a single scratch

The mounts like my father they guarded the ground
A shadow cast over the town, it's streets, and it's people
The trees they swayed in the wind that spoke
I joined in their dance to the song that echoed off the mountainside 

This must be where God comes to rest

The calm like my brother it kept by my side
A feeling that nothing at all could rid me of meaning
I rose like a child with worry in hand; I threw it into the lake
I felt the weight lift off my back with every bounce across the water and then it sank. I was a feather

The sun like my sister, so gentle, so bright
I was the day waking up, adjusting to the morning
The fog like a blanket surrounded me whole
The church bells joined in the choir,
And we all sang “Come, oh peace, be nigh”

This must be where God comes to rest 

The Storm

Making a living has a way of killing men
The lungs keep breathing but the soul suffocates within
There is nothing new under the sun, it's all the same
We need revival 'cause survivals a losing game

Am I fighting the good fight, am I on the run?
Am I chasing vanity, or doing what needs to be done?

A man must always have something to conquer, a woman to fight for, a war to be waged.
We are born for the storm. Risk all and rebel, to live hard and die well is why we were made.

I've seen an evil that overcomes us all
The backs of good and wicked men are both against the wall
What then shall we do when we are destined for the dust?
We'll dig our feet into the earth and roll them sleeves up

No matter our station, wages, or trade,
Our labor is loving. It's a worth way to spend all our days.


This life's a vapor that quickly escapes
 My love, my hate, my memory will soon be erased
So let's breathe in this vapor and drink this sea dry
Do and dare greatly 'til our last day arrives



Stay here in the shade, in this world we made
Don't stray out from the canopy, safe 'neath the willow tree
Whether or not there'll be warmer weather, there's just enough sun to see you're the light over me
So take my had and pave the way, I'll love you night and day

Be the ground underneath my feet, I'll walk with no need to worry
Consume the stream rushing round my knees, I'll wade with you 'til the morning
Be in the wind I hear whispering, I'll carry you when you're weary
Below the willow will I be, come live with me beneath the tree

Walk with me into the rain, distract the world away
I"ll fall for you, I'll follow you, unfaltering all the way
Whether or not all this weather leaves soon, you and I left here long ago, dry under the leaves of the willow
Locked away far from the rain, we wander through our domain



Envy green, growing ivy vines that hold me
Up they go, past my collar bones and freckles on my nose
Higher, higher 'til the words I tell myself are covered 
Envy green

The trees with their branches reach for something higher
The tips of my fingers always think there's something better, something more, something worth longing for

The stars mark the sky and separate the seasons
The day brings a greater light to set apart the mornings from the night, back and forth they fight

Caught up in the wonder of one day being better
When my deepest darkest blue and the gold that paints your sky collide


The secret inside of me is sick of silence 
It's calling from the hollow for a greater sense of purpose
There is more
More we're intended

Caught up in the wonder of one day being better
When my deepest darkest blue and the gold that paints your sky collide


What if we could take a taste of the maybe,
beyond what's been known and been named?
Bittersweet, we're blooming forth from the envy
There's freedom in the wisdom,
but from the bite Eve lost her Eden

Caught up in the wonder, we all wear this scarlet letter
It is written in  our fate, and the fault is when our stars collide
The garden will grow wild



There was blood in the air
I was on all fours, screaming life isn't fair
Break down these walls
As their marksmen hit their marks
And their cloaks of justice are only cloaks after all

Born young and wild
Don't let them cut your tail
Just a pinch of salt in the wound, you'll be fine
One last lifeline, I'm hanging high

Stay awake
From the wolves you run, barefoot
With their libelous, venomous words, they shoot
Pulled and panicked, the door is locked
You’re trapped inside of your own heart
It's a spectator sport
Just play your part


Rain Clouds

I’m being followed by the rain clouds
My clothes are soaking up the pain that keeps pouring down
Too much more and I may drown

I’m being followed by the night sky
It stole away my sight; it seems I have lost my way
I need someone to be my guide

Listen to my voice
Close your frightened eyes
Hide behind my love for you
‘Cause fear’s only a choice
One that we all must make someday
So know you’re not alone in this

I’m being frightened by the people
Who look on me like I’m a scar upon their perfect skin
Perfect to only them

I’m being shadowed by my past
Reminding me of what I was and what I could become
My sins should stay where they belong


I’m sick and tired of these rain clouds
That cover up the morning sun I so desperately seek
Just one tiny glimpse is all I need.

A spark of hope is what I’m after
A single day with cloudless skies would surely make a change
A friend whispering “It’ll be all right”



A broken heart is broken earth
The soil’s rich and it gives birth to new life
A brand new life

Throw me all the seeds you sow
I’ll take them in and make them grow in your light
Just give it time

So put down your roots
And I’ll plant this fallow field of mine with you
Put down your roots
Together, we will watch this desert bloom

We waited out the winter months
Hoping that the spring would come, and she came
She brought us rain

A rain to quench a deadly thirst
To end the drought and break the curse on this land
And on my hands


Blue Eyed Girl

When you hold my hand in yours, there is wonder written on your face
I'd love to live inside your heart, because it is a wonderful place

Well, I’d been writing songs about you before our paths ever crossed
Since I’ve been hanging around you, I’ve been feeling a little less lost

Blue eyed girl, let your hair hang down
Let the colors of your soul spill out for everyone to see
In a world of black and white and gray, you paint something beautiful every day
I can't think of a better way to spend the time I have
So I'll spend it with you, my blue eyed girl

I’ll march right along to your beat; the rhythm of your spirit makes me feel much more alive
There’s wisdom in the way you speak, and I see "I love you" in your eyes

I wouldn’t mind staying up talking to you all night
As you're telling me everything about the books you read


Before you came along my skies were often dark and clouded, but the atmosphere is clear now that you're here
 I’ve heard my whole life that home is where the heart is, but I cannot feel at home when you’re not near


Letters from the Atlantic

Oh, sailor dearest, come on home
Won’t you stay with me for another year?
The beer is cold and the bed is warm
I’m hoping you’ll walk through my door
Nights here get lonely
I love you, but you love the sea
And it’s kept you from me

Oh, wife my dearest, I know you’re home,
What’s been keeping you there for another year?
The seas are cold and the sun is warm
I’m hoping you’ll leave the shore.
Life’s been weighing you down,
heavy hearted to the ground
Why not sail with me?

Heave and Ho!
Our ship is ready to go
And we’ll sail away from here
Don’t cry; it’s alright
Our wings were made to fly
And we’ll sail away, my dear

Oh, sailor dearest, I can’t come aboard
My fear, it spreads from starboard to port
I’d rather live quietly, right here beneath the trees
With my roots planted deep

Oh, wife my dearest, I love you so,
But a man like me was made to explore
Grab a bag full of hope, look for sails made of tope
We’ll leave the dock and be free



There’s a beast that can’t be tamed, with its dark and evil ways,
making its home inside each one of us.
The beast's attack is heard, not seen. It lies right behind my teeth
It can’t create, it only deconstructs

Have you heard the word?

We all whisper against our enemies. And we whisper against our friends
We murmur, breathing out murderous talk, whispering wounds we cannot mend

I’ll say behind your back what I won’t tell you to your face
I’m a double sided man, and you're the same
With the same mouth we bless and curse; little Pharisees from our birth
Happy as long as there’s someone else to blame

Have you heard the word?


In reality, our duality is our tragic flaw
With our lips we commit the greatest sins of all



I sense there’s trouble ahead
It’s clear by the signs and warnings
That should tell where all blame is due
So why are they pointing at my head?
All have been led astray
We’ve all fallen short in some way
Please understand I’m ashamed
I beg of you, please find your grace

‘Cause I’m not in a right state of mind; I just wish I had strength to admit it
My stubbornness will put up a fight, but I don’t deserve to win it
I’m left in the dark pondering my mistakes, but in the light I swear I will deny it all.

I sense deception to come
Honestly, truth and I are never one
‘Cause I am the lying man
And I have made you my next victim
I need you to see through my act
To tell me I’m wrong, to take off the mask
Or else I’ll be left in the lie
I’ll deceive my way straight to demise


I am the host of this hostility
I’m the master magician that makes you believe
I’m real, I’m not fake, but in reality I’m a lying man
My life’s become this grand game of deception
My mind’s ignored all my heart’s good intentions
We all feel this tension
We all have our own illusions


Man in Room 39

Windowless room, number 39, holds an honest man with a thirsty mind
But there are no rivers inside these walls
And so he sings,

Roaring brooks and cherry trees
This is the place my heart longs to be
The blossoms in the water call me.

His glossy shoes only hold him down; they were never meant to cover ground
So he slips them off and frees his soul, then he goes to

Roaring brooks and cherry trees
This is the place my heart longs to be
The blossoms in the water call me.

Remember a mountaintop has no roof and a home in the wild needs no window
Leave your cage, break your chains, roar your name
And sing

Roaring brooks and cherry trees
This is the place my heart longs to be
The blossoms in the water call me.

If You're the Coffee

I would pay a fortune to buy all the gas, just to drive around the town with you
We would wake before the sun and throw out our maps, get gone till our hearts play in tune

I would fly a million miles away, just to have you there to hold my hand
I would swim across the ocean, whatever it takes to know that I’m with you again

No matter where we go, baby, I’ll be happy ‘cause

When the morning sings, I think of us. You got me smiling, like I’m in love.
And who’da thunk we’d end up getting stuck so perfectly?
If you’re the milk, I’m the cookie
If you’re the coffee, I’m the cream

Everyday I start a'missing the sound of your laugh; you’re the sugar in my cup of tea
And sometimes when I am dreaming, you ask for my hand, and we dance across dimensions in our bare feet

No matter where we go, baby, I’ll be happy ‘cause


I needed a pick-me-up before you tripped right over me. 
The happiness that I feel’s been hidden few and far between, but you found me.


The Anthem of Mr. Dark

I never have the time to do the nothing that I want to do
I’m always rushing around being what other people want me to be
Well, the fabric of my soul is frayed and falling apart at the seams
I’m tied up and tied down by the strings of other people’s dreams

I’m starting to see that that isn’t me
My freedom isn’t free
All I really want is some room to breathe

Someday, I’ll learn to say “No!”
Find a way to lighten my load
People take possession of the pieces of my weary heart
I'll learn to let go, and learn to say “No!”

Feeling like a lion lying down behind the bars of this cage
The king of the beasts is now the king of this enclosed space
Wear and tear and worry, they’ve been drawing their lines on my face
I feel a whole lot older than my chronological age

I’m starting to see that that isn’t me
My freedom isn’t free
All I really want is some room to be me


Give us your time and give us your money
Just lay down your body, there’s no sense in running
Now cut off your hair and put on a tie
Just do what you’re told without wondering why
Don’t ask for a reason, no matter the season
Sit down and comply, 'cause we don’t want no free men
We’ll say what you are, decide what you’re not
You’ll go, and you’ll go, and you never will stop



Woe to thee with fearful eyes, their lighthouse is burning up
And down goes the ship, in which they wasted their whole lives
Cursed are tongues that speak in only “can’t’s,” and “won’t’s”
And “Oh, what if” the world went and died, left you buried in regrets?

You never kissed the ceiling

Broke are feet with timid souls that only move an inch, no more
No, don’t you even try to take a step the other way
Useless are the hands the rule, they’re tightly bound, so fake,
so full of fear that someday they’re handed opportunity

They never kissed the ceiling

Blessed are the minds that need no disguise
That fly up o’er mountain
Dance like an empress, you’ll impress them all
Unmask the beauty you’re given

Shame to thee with harden hearts, feel for nothing, cry for none
Your own flesh and blood, ripped of life before your eyes
Sickened are the selfish souls that spread disease to those with hope
They steal away the ones that try to save the mess they’ve made

They never kissed the ceiling


And kiss the ceiling

Woe to thee with fearful eyes, their lighthouse is burning up
And down goes the ship, in which they wasted their whole lives


Leila, you’re my lady and I’d like you not to leave
Tell me, am I still the one you’re thinking of?
Never have I known another to which I’d compare
Leila, I’ll be lonely if I lose your love

Leila, come and lay. Leap into me, lingering sweetly.
Leila, take my lips. Lean in with yours, let me be yours.

Leila, I will follow you to any land you lead
Never-green or evergreen, I will be yours
Across the painted desert and over misty mount
Nothing will keep me from coming to your door

Leila, come and lay. Leap into me, lingering sweetly.
Leila, take my lips. Lean in with yours, let me be yours.

Leila, you’re my lady and I’d like you not to leave
Tell me, am I still the one you’re thinking of?
Never have I known another to which I’d compare
Leila, I’ll be lonely if I lose your love