House Shows


Here are two things you ought to know about us. 

ONE: Our music sounds best LIVE and UNPLUGGED in YOUR LIVING ROOM.

TWO: We love the communal climate created by in-home performances. House shows are low-key, relaxed, and they provide us with a unique opportunity to engage our hosts and listeners and form personal relationships with them.

House Shows: 101

1) How It Works: A house show is... well it's exactly like a show that's not in your house, except for the fact that it's in your house. We just set up shop in your living room and play music for you and your friends. Whether amplified or unplugged, it's relaxed, intimate, interactive, and an absolute blast! These have been some of our most sacred and special performances during our time together as a band, and we love adding new names and faces to our big house show family.

2) Indoor vs. Outdoor: We love living rooms, but backyards are brilliant as well. If you'd prefer to host an outdoor show, we're with you all the way! However, outdoor shows are definitely more season specific, so we prefer to build them into our Spring and Fall schedules, while avoiding Summer and Winter. And of course, rain plan is also a good thing to have in your back pocket when planning an outdoor show.

3) The Guest List: Who can come to your house show? That is totally up to you, Boss. We defer control of the guest list to our hosts. If you'd rather host a private event and invite only folks that you know personally, that's great! Our homes are sacred places, and sometimes it can be a little stressful to have peeps you don't know packed in your place like sardines. We get it. But if you're a fearless social butterfly and you've never met a stranger, we can tag team the promotion with you and build a diverse audience of friends both old and new!
(IMPORTANT: For public shows, we NEVER post your address publicly online. We only share home addresses with pre-sale ticket holders the week of the show. This way we have a good handle on who's coming, even if you don't know them personally.)

4) Being a Good Neighbor: This is mostly for our outdoor hosts, but some of this does apply universally. It's often a good idea to give neighbors a heads up about your imminent house show. Being a folk band, we don't tend to make a great deal of racket, but we do have to amplify our outdoor performances, so those living close by to you may appreciate a little notice about potential noise. It may also be courteous to let your neighbors know if event parking will create some overcrowding on a normally quiet street. So send out some written notes or go let them know in person, and who knows? We might get a few more concertgoers out of it!

5) Starting & and Finishing Times: It's good for your guests to have a nice window of time to arrive and settle in for the evening. We'll let everybody trickle in, and then kick things off once we're all comfortable! After the show, we like to visit with guests and hosts for as long as possible, but we often have another engagement the following day, so we do have to eventually wrap things up at a decent time so we can make sure we're rested and in good shape for the next stop. (Example: Doors at 7PM / Show at 7:30PM / Wrap-up by 11PM / Snoozing by Midnight.)

6) Refreshments:  Lots of our hosts choose to provide light refreshments (drinks, snacks, finger foods, etc.) for their house shows. This a huge plus, but certainly not an absolute must, so don't feel pressured! You can also invite your guests to bring a little something to contribute to the spread and turn it into a good old fashioned potluck.

7) Lodging: This another huge plus, but again, NOT a requirement. We love getting to spend some quality time with our hosts, and one of our favorite ways to do that is by being total freeloaders and sleeping in your guest rooms and on your couches and floors and eating all your food. Sounds great, right? In all seriousness, some of our favorite parts of our travels have been the friendships we've forged with our hosts, and the meals and stories and laughter we've shared together. That being said, if we need to play the set and then get the heck out of your house, we totally understand. It's all good.

8) Minimum Guarantee: As you might have guessed, we are human beings who have families and buy groceries. Making music is what we love doing most, but we also have to make rent. When we're on the road, we typically need to pull in a $500 minimum per show before merchandise sales and tips.  It is our preference to charge admission to guests rather than a flat rate to our hosts. Ticket prices are usually determined by the capacity of the home and the size of the expected audience. However, if a host is interested in covering all expenses for a free show for their guests, we can also invoice them personally in lieu of a cover charge. So just get the conversation going with us, and let's see what we can put together!

Did you really just read all that?!

We're impressed. Thank you for your time and your consideration, friend. If you're interested in hosting a house show, use the form below to share your information with us. After clicking the SUBMIT button, check your email to confirm your submission, and we'll contact you shortly thereafter. Remain excellent.

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